Why I'm Sharing My Story Now

Mallory Musante :: Why I'm Sharing My Story Now

As a small business owner, I've become pretty used to being the face of a company. First it was with Mallory Musante Designs then with Ash&Willow and now with Bold & Pop. While I love being known for my skills as a business owner, marketer, web designer, etc., what is my real purpose in life? 

I know, it's a big question but something I've thought a lot about over the last year or so. Maybe because I was turning 30 this year but more likely because I've been doing a lot of personal development over the last few years. 

You see, five years ago I was in the middle of an emotionally abusive relationship... and I didn't even know it. All I knew was that I was seriously unhappy and needed out. It wasn't until at least a year later that I realized that I had even been in an abusive relationship and the effect that it had on my confidence, self-esteem, self-respect and self-worth. 

If you follow me on social media at all, you've probably seen me share bits and pieces of my story and how I've grown and changed into a much better, happier version of myself. And every single time I share a little piece of my story, I have at least 1-2 other women privately reach out to me to share a piece of their story. Some of these women I've known for years and other are complete strangers but we all share a similar experience connecting us in an unexpected, heartbreaking way. Talking with these women gives me so much hope too. I'm in a place where I've never felt stronger or happier and knowing the journey these women have gone through makes me so happy and proud to watch them pick up the pieces and grow into amazingly strong and happy women as well.

If I had someone like this to connect with six or seven years ago, would I have left sooner? If I read a blog like this would I have realized sooner? Would I have been inspired to grow as a person into a better, stronger version of myself? 

I don't know the answer to that but if I can help one person by sharing my journey from being a shell of a human into being the best version of myself I could ever imagine (and know more is coming my way), this blog will be worth it.