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3 Steps I Took to Give Myself the Reset I Needed

Recently I've felt a bit out of alignment and completely exhausted making it difficult to focus and get back in alignment. I've tried numerous things since July to get back in action and now I'm sharing what has actually helped with you! 

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Why It's Ok To Not 'Click' With Everyone

For the majority of our lives we focus a lot of what other people think of us. We’re conditioned to really want others to like us. And while we should all strive to be the type of person others enjoy being around, the practice of caring what others think of us can actually be pretty dangerous to our own happiness.

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3 Easy Steps to Start Shifting Your Mindset

The other day started out just like any other… until I spilled a full cup of coffee everywhere. But instead of letting it define the tone of my whole day, I simply cleaned it up, made another cup, and went along with my day. When I realized this, all I could think was hell yeah, girl, you got that mindset thing down!

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