My #1 Tip for an Instant Confidence Boost

Mallory Musante :: My #1 Tip for an Instant Confidence Boost

When was the last time you did something for the first time? 

Trying something new (especially something that's challenging or a little scary) is one of my absolute favorite ways to boost my confidence. Just think about the last time you finished something you tried for the first time. Even if you hated what you were doing, you at least tried it and that's something to be celebrated! 

I never really realized the confidence boost this gave me until I moved to North Carolina and had to start really putting myself out there. One of the first things I tried when I moved here was rock climbing (I had done this once before but not for a good 20 years). I took an introductory class the gym offers and literally hated every second of it. I took it by myself and the three other people in my class all knew each other. The person I was paired with didn't seem overly interested and I was convinced she was going to drop me to my death while I was climbing. After the class I was pretty bummed because this was something I for sure thought I'd love (spoiler alert: I do love it.. just not when anyone is on the other end of a rope controlling how far I fall if I slip) but I was pretty proud of myself for not only trying this activity but also doing it by myself. 

Bouldering has since become a huge passion of mine and every time I go to the gym I have to try something new. Whether it's a new problem or an old problem that I have to try a new technique on, no day of climbing is the same. And I always feel so amazing after, even if I don't complete a climb. And it's all because I'm trying. I'm just going for it. And if I don't get it that time, I'll try something different and hopefully get it the next time. 

Now I want you to give this exercise a try.

Think about the last time you tried something new. It doesn't matter if it was a new workout class, a difficult recipe, a new hobby. The more challenging or scary, the better. But whatever it is, I want you to think about how you felt after you finished trying this. Happy? Relieved? Exhausted? Proud? 

Once you identify the emotion(s) you felt, I want you to close your eyes and put yourself back in that moment. Picture yourself in that moment and now actually feel those emotions. Run through the final moments of the activity and feel the sense of accomplishment you felt for just trying it.

Now I want you to mentally scan you body and actually feel the physical sensations associated with whatever emotions you felt in that moment. Are your hands tingly? Chest warm? Whatever it is, connect your emotions with those physical sensations too. Make that magical mind-body connection get to work. 

Now any time you're feeling down or any time you're doubting yourself, I want you to bring yourself to that moment again. That moment where you really felt proud of yourself. This should help give you the confidence boost you need to lift your spirits and help you accomplish the task ahead of you that may seem a little too daunting. 

Bonus: The more you do this exercise to make that mind-body connection, the better! You'll learn to really quickly identify your emotions and as you do this more often, the sense of pride and confidence will intensify. (This is also insanely helpful when it comes to manifesting... but more on that later!) 

Do one thing every day that scares you.

- Eleanor Roosevelt