How Shifting Your Perspective Can Make All the Difference

Mallory Musante :: How Shifting Your Perspective Can Make All the Difference

I recently did something that I knew I shouldn't do. Nothing illegal or morally wrong but something I knew wasn't good for me. I actually said to several people that it was probably a bad life decision but I was going to do it anyway... meaning I never, ever should have done it in the first place. But I did it and the result was not what I had expected or hoped for. I knew this was a potential outcome and did it anyway. 

So when this 5-10 minute bad decision didn't turn out as I hoped, I obviously wasn't happy and instantly was angry with myself for doing it. Mallory, you KNEW this was a bad idea but did it anyway. Why do you continue to put yourself in this position?

It was the middle of a workday so I told my business partner I needed 5-10 minutes to gather my thoughts and went in my bedroom for a good cry. I told myself, Mallory you only have 5 minutes to cry over this and then you're done. No more. 

And that's just what I did. I sat down. Cried for 5 minutes. My dog, Phoebe, crawled into my lap and I was done. 

Once I got my wits together, instead of repeating to myself how much of an idiot I was for putting myself in that position, I switched my perspective. Ok, not the outcome you wanted BUT now you're free of this situation. You can finally move on to bigger and better. To more happiness. 

I had been letting this situation hold me back in certain areas of my life... for several years. I tried everything I could think of to move on but nothing worked. And now with this one bad decision, I was free. 

So you see, this bad decision wasn't actually a bad decision... only because I was able to quickly change my perspective from "you idiot" to "this is a blessing in disguise". So next time something doesn't go quite your way ask yourself, What is the purpose of this? What is this trying to teach me? Is this freeing me so I can move on to a new chapter of my life? 

That perspective shift is a game-changer, y'all.